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Why choose Blupond Sunglasses?

Whether you are playing a sport for fun or professionally, having good vision gives a key advantage to athletes. That is why sunglasses are now becoming more and more popular and a much-needed accessory for any sport. They not only protect your eyesight from UV rays, but they also keep water, wind, dust, and other debris off. Sunglasses lessen the amount of brightness and glare during sunny days, reducing the strain on your eyes. When it’s dark, sunglasses improve contrast so you can see better. Blupond Sunglasses does it for you.


BLUPOND was born from the idea that sports gear should be available to people at any social status, gender or ethnicity. Regardless of whether you are an athelete getting ready for the Olympics. Or on the other hand, someone just keeping fit as a fiddle with your day by day exercise schedule. BLUPOND has exactly what you have. To take your exercise into a different dimension. Also, BLUPOND offers a wide scope of sunglasses, night driving glasses and sports accessories. Likewise, the majority of their items are structured with one objective in view: to upgrade your expereince and expand your limits. It is highly recommendable to try their Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses and their Oversized Fitover Sunglasses which you can use together with your prescription glasses. Lastly, with each BLUPOND item comes a bundle of correlative embellishments.

Factors to consider

There are a lot of things to put into consideration when choosing a pair that’s right for you. Here are some of them:


Blupond on Sports

Which Sunglasses Are Right For Your Sport?

Different sports mean different risks that we need to protect our vision from. Unfortunately, there are no sunglasses that can work for all kinds of activities yet. Thankfully, there are pairs customized to match the needs of each specific discipline.

 • Watersports expose our eyes to salt water, chlorine, and various kinds of bacteria.

Wearing good-fitting goggles with silicone seals and adjustable straps and eyecups ensures protection without sacrificing comfort.

• Depending on the lens, sunglasses enhance your sight during ball games by filtering out harsh brightness or increasing contrast.

It means optimized vision which allows you to accurately judge your surroundings and show your best as an athlete. Moreover, spectacles also provide excellent protection against injuries caused by objects such as tennis balls coming at full speed.

• Snow is highly reflective.

Without proper shade, your eyes can instantly be overstrained by the illumination reflected in the snow. This may result in a lot of accidents and injuries when doing winter sport. Furthermore, UV rays can also pass through the frames’ gaps. A polarized pair with appropriate tint level and exceptional UV filter will be your best armor in this case.

• Outdoor sports like inline skating, hiking, as well as mountain and road biking also pose risks on your eye.

When doing these types of activities, you will need sunglasses which offer protection against UV rays, wind, and dust.

• More importantly,

You also have to consider how the earpieces would go with other sports accessories such as your helmet.

What Material Should Your Sunglasses Have?

Blupond Sunglasses Material
Blupond Sunglasses Material

The fit, weight, and durability of the lenses are important considerations when it comes to sports sunglasses.  For this reason, polarized TAC lenses are a good choice. They are lighter than regular materials and are therefore more comfortable to wear.  They are shatter and impact-resistant which means that the risk of damaging your eyes with sharp fragments is low. The lenses’ hard coating also makes them scratch-proof and blocks out UV rays.

Frames are another thing to consider and comes in different materials such as plastic, acetate, or even eco-friendly castor polymer. Metal frames like aluminum, stainless steel, and titanium are less obtrusive and can be easily adjusted to fit your face.

For maximum comfort, flexibility, and durability, TR90 frames are the way to go. These frames are extremely comfortable as it is lightweight and can bend to suit your face structure. The flexibility of the thermoplastic material also means increased resilience and durability during ground impacts. No matter how many times your glasses fall, it won’t easily break.

Which Tint Is Right For You?

  • Clear or bright lenses
    Are ideal when it comes to protecting your eyes from wind or insects.
  • Yellow and pale orange colors
    Helps improve contrast and visibility in low-light conditions such as cloudy skies and late afternoons. They are suitable for sports like biking and tennis.
  • Red and pink lenses
    Reduce eyestrain and increase visual depth. They are suited for most weather conditions but especially for snow.
  • Green tint
    On the other hand, transmits colors equally and reduces glare and contrast. It can be used for general everyday purposes as well as on various outdoor sports.
  • Blue and purple-colored lenses
    Are often a golfer favorite. They’re not only fashionable, but they also reduce brightness and increase contrast, allowing players to clearly see contours of the grass. They are also useful in foggy, misty, or snowy conditions.
  • Gray
    Is another color that is good for general use and is useful for most outdoor activities and weather. It reduces fatigue and glare while providing an accurate color view.

Coating And Other Lens Features

Blupond Mirrored Lens
Blupond Mirrored Lens

Although tints can significantly improve your vision, lens coating and features can provide your eyes with maximum protection. Polarized lenses, for example, filter out light reflected from horizontal surfaces like water, snow, sand, and concrete. Conversely, an anti-reflective coating behind the surface of your sunglasses keeps the sun from reflecting on this side. 

Sunglasses with photochromic lenses are beneficial when doing outdoor sports for long hours. These types of lenses automatically adjust tints to control the amount of light transmitted depending on weather and light conditions.

Mirror coating can filter out a huge percentage of light that hits the front surface of the lens. It is especially helpful when doing sports activities in bright and highly-reflective environments such as snow and sand.

Lastly, having the right pair of sports glasses not only protects your vision. It also helps your performance and makes sure you get the most out of your game.


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