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Bonnie Clyde Eyewear

Bonnie Clyde Logo
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Bonnie Clyde Logo
The Bonnie Clyde Reflex: Owning Your Style with Deviant Sunglasses
Bonnue Clyde Fashion

Bonnie Clyde Eyewear

The automatic response to a specific stimulus is like whipping out and putting on those ravishing sunglasses during a bright and sunny evening. Was that right? Evening? Yes, that’s right! The Bonnie Clyde Reflex is simply an automatic response to the unnatural phenomenon. With Bonnie Clyde Eyewear, you boldly unveil your character to the world without a giving a damn. Restrictions are easily fantasied to users of these extraordinary sunglasses.

From the favorites – Figueroa, Traction, Pico, Wall – to the retros – Layer Cake, Mancuso, Ai-Ren, there is going to be one or two pieces of the puzzle that fits right on you. Dozens of Bonnie Clyde products work best on dozens of fashion getups and personalities. Step right up and take a dip into the evocative brand.

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Up Close And Personal With Bonnie Clyde Eyewear

We each have our unique styles and tastes. Bonnie Clyde does not only store an array of dedicated sunglasses but also offer playful innovations. Collectively, these glasses are made of either acetate or metallic frames thus, inducing confidence in the wearer.

What makes Bonnie Clyde Eyewear different from other Sunglasses Brands and Product?

What defines the quality of Bonnie Clyde Eyewear? Just like Adam and Eve, Bonnie cannot exist without Clyde. All its products are intended for the use of both male and female. It’s this universality that manifests by experiencing the Bonnie Clyde Reflex, but it’s through each person’s uniqueness that anyone can always wear any Bonnie Clyde’s. All sunglasses feature 100% ultraviolet protection, glare reduction, scratch-free coating, and made from high-nickel, stainless steel, or acetate.

To be blunt, a pleasing style requires the right match. Just “face” it, give or take. Let us briefly examine some of the face shapes of people and identify which face shape your genes have inherited.

Face Shape
Face Shapes
  • Heart – Speaking for itself, this face resembles the shape of a fictional heart and not the organ that living things have. Talk about a Freddy Krueger look. The dimensions of this face have a wider forehead and smaller cheekbones, a narrow jawline, and a pointy chin.
  • Round – Well, every dimension is wide. Wide forehead, wider jawline, a wide chin, and somewhat squarish proportions. It’s not a perfect, circular outline to be fair, but just adequate.
  • Square – Let’s say that this is a close cousin of the Round. The dimensions of a square face have a wider forehead, a wide jawline that is softly angled, and a soft, less pointy chin.
  • Oval – Imagine the Oval room with some facial features on it. Both ends of the face, the forehead, and jawline, are narrow, but with wide cheekbones.
  • Oblong – Also considered as a non-square rectangle, this is an elongated face. It’s a long face with a narrow forehead and jawline and a slightly pointy chin.

All face shapes, including triangle and diamond shapes, speak for itself. Nonetheless, there is nothing that Bonnie Clyde can’t cater.

Bonnie Clyde Products

With dozens of products to choose from, one shall find its true master. Every frame shape is named and given the spotlight. Let’s begin by exploring some of the brand’s iconic eyewear.

Bonnie Clyde Figueroa
Bonnie Clyde Figueroa

Bonnie Clyde Figueroa

It may seem pretty and all, but there is more to that lucky charm of hers. Figueroa is eyewear that is made of Nylon lenses which allow for a more Above are semi-transparent pink lenses made with Himalayan salt minerals, which adds an appealing touch to it. The Himalayan Sugar comes with a silver frame. Other varieties of Figueroa sunglasses include Palace Gold, Gravity Black, and Money Green. It fits better on faces that are medium or large, and it goes well with Heart, Round, and Oval face shapes.

Bonnie Clyde Pico
Bonnie Clyde Pico

Bonnie Clyde Pico

It’s quite the appearance. The Pico is a Bonnie Clyde specialty featuring its adjustable rubber nosepiece for comfort. Bushido Black comes with grey lenses and a matte black frame which utterly disguises its submissiveness with its menacing look. Other varieties of Pico sunglasses include The Last Throne, Strange Red, and Palace Gold. It fits better on faces that are small or medium, and it goes well on Heart, Square, Oval, and Oblong face shapes.

Along with other Bonnie Clyde signatures such as Wall and Traction, Figueroa and Pico sunglasses are all priced at $84. Bonnie Clyde has currently restocked limited products of these styles. Make sure to grab yourself a piece of the action, and, more importantly, ask yourself: Am I a Figueroa or a Pico?

Bonnie Clyde Godspeed
Bonnie Clyde Godspeed

Bonnie Clyde Godspeed

Another featured product of the brand is Godspeed. Made using acetate frames with a smooth silhouette and stainless steel temples, it almost feels like having a lucky charm on you. Mamba is the way to go and is made with yellow tint lenses and a clear frame. Other styles of Godspeed are Black Magic, Cinnamon, and Himalayan Sugar. It fits better on faces that are medium to large, and it goes well on Heart, Round, Oval, and Oblong face shapes. With $98, you can test your luck and leave unscathed from any conceivable injury. Well, maybe besides your mom.

There are more styles and designs to look out for: Layer Cake, Mancuso, Ai-Ren, Petrichor, Desierto, and lots more.

Why You Are A Bonnie Clyde

Don’t you get what you rightly own? We all have gone through that question. More importantly, was there something you owed yourself a favor? Maybe you would come to realize the impact of your self-image on others. But more than that, it’s the impact you feel inside that counts. It’s about elevating your game by rewriting your story. You are the author of your life, and you can’t feel sorry for yourself for as long or as hard as you did.

This is the spark of the Bonnie Clyde Reflex. Take it or leave it. One man army. Fake it ‘till you make it. At the spur of the moment, you wear your sunglasses and somehow feel strong, enlightened. Let this be a soulful connection of man and himself and feel empowered. Wearing a dedicated piece of Bonnie Clyde sunglasses is symbolic of your free will and desire to conquer the stars and planets of the universe.

If you do not favor conformity, then display your colorful side and try out some Bonnie Clyde sunglasses now. Are you a Bonnie Clyde? Damn straight!


Bonnie Clyde Eyewear have unique frames and are a must try.

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