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Dubery Sunglasses

Dubery Logo
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Dubery Logo

Dubery Sunglass : Your New Outdoor Buddy

Just imagine polarized lenses as some tool that would help fine-tune your vision while you’re wearing a pair of sunglasses. This is precisely what Dubery Sunglass offers. Eyewear that can be very useful for an athlete, outdoorsman, or even anyone who may find themselves in high-glare situations.

Dubery Sunglass
Dubery Sunglass

About Dubery

A collaboration between enthusiastic entrepreneurs and developers. Dubery was brought to life as they decided to convert common experience into an online store.

Their ultimate goal is to establish a shop which is convenient to use. Making it easy to look for whatever item you may need.

Other Similar Brand like Dubery

Since, we are looking at a good brand. Another player in the market is Blupond. They specialize in driving glasses as well as polarized sports sunglasses. Different designs with frame and lens color variants. To match you likes and style. According to their shop, upon purchase. It includes free shipping, a case, pouch, mini screwdriver, cleaning cloth, car clip, gift box, VIP card and 1 year warranty. (hmm, so confident with their product eh?) Also, for the VIP card, upon recieving the product, you can claim your additional gift by following the instructions on the VIP card. Consequently, you may as well check on their shop by tapping the image below.

Blupond Rally

Who Makes Dubery Sunglasses?

They are a team of enthusiastic developers and entrepreneurs from Brighton Colorado. Who decided to convert their common experience into a web store.

The Dubery Eyewear 3 Major Types

Designed mainly to block light rays that would usually pass through the eyes after reflecting off surfaces. All Dubery sunglass for both men and women come in various styles such as the following:

Dubery Shield Sunglasses
Dubery Shield Sunglasses

This type of sunglasses are perfect for winter sports. It protects and covers your eye area. So, that you can just focus training or having fun in the snow.

Dubery Polarized Sports Sunglasses
Dubery Polarized Sunglasses

Each pair of Dubery sunglass is typically equipped with UV400 lenses. For those who would like to improve eye comfort and safety further, Dubery also has a lot of polarized sunglasses available. Wearing a pair can help you take in a view without even squinting.

Dubery Night Vision Glasses
Dubery Sports Sunglasses for Cycling

If you are having difficulty driving at night. Try this night vision glasses to balance the brightness and protection from excessive light at night

Color Variety Selection

Some of the color combinations available for a typically polarized sunglasses include:

  • black / black
  • green/green and black
  • deep blue / black
  • blue / black
  • red / black
Dubery Night Vision Glasses Color Variation

Outdoor enthusiasts will love Dubery’s polarized night vision sunglasses as they can now push through with various outdoor activities even at night, even night driving. Other lens colors are also available.

For those who are explicitly looking for sports eyewear, you can find the frames much faster by filtering what’s available through the “Product” drop-down menu.

How to know a fake Dubery Sunglasses?

The features of an original Dubery Sunglasses are the following on the next picture below. Observe the product details carefully and check the supplier’s credibility. An original product’s main characteristic is the polarized lenses. “Not Just Tinted”. To test the polarization of your sunglasses, read our tool guide for polarized lenses testing.

Beware of fake Dubery Sunglasses


Aside from having plenty of options on what type of frame you should purchase, you may also choose your preferred pair based on your budget since Dubery Sunglasses offers an extensive price range, which starts at around US$7.90 per pair.

Dubery Pice and Products

You may conveniently pay for your chosen items through PayPal and credit cards.

Shipping And Tracking Information

As soon as you’ve confirmed your order, free shipping will be provided from Dubery’s warehouse located in the U.S. through USPS, and by ePacket or EMS if the shipment will come from the warehouse in China.

Given that shipping time varies by location, Dubery has provided the following estimates:

Dubery ships to over 200 countries in the world. While there may be a few locations that they are unable to ship, you will be contacted by the company if in case your shipping address happens to be from one of those.

Dubery Sunglasses Review
  • 10 to 30 business days
  1. United States
  2. Canada
  3. Europe
  4. Australia
  5. New Zealand
  6. Asia
  • 15 to 30 business days
  1. Mexico
  2. Central America
  3. South America

Note that the maximum delivery time is 45 business days and that the estimates mentioned above do not include Dubery’s two to five days’ processing time.

You should also keep in mind that Dubery will not be liable for any customs fee as soon as the items arrive. By purchasing their products, you acknowledge that certain items that will be shipped to you may incur customs fees as on as it arrives.

Delivery Notification

The moment that your order is shipped, you should receive an email containing your tracking number. In some instances, tracking is not available since shipment is made for free. If ever you have items in the same purchase, for logistical reasons, these may still be sent in separate packages even if you already indicated that it’s the same shipping.

What is Refund And Returns Policy for Sunglasses Products?

You may submit a refund request within 15 days after Dubery’s guaranteed delivery period has expired. Customers may do so by sending a message through their site’s “Contact Us” page.

Dubery packaging
Dubery Packaging

You may request for a refund or a reshipment of ordered items as long as it meets the following criteria:

  • ordered item is not received within the guaranteed time of 45 days, which does not include the two to five-day processing period
  • you receive a different item
  • you don’t want the frames that you’ve received (note that the customer will shoulder the return shipping costs, and the product must be unused)

A refund may not be issued if it falls into any of the following:

  • the ordered item doesn’t arrive due to circumstances that are within your control (e.g., you’ve provided an incorrect shipping address)
  • the ordered item doesn’t reach you due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g., items were not cleared by customs; shipment got delayed due to  some natural disaster)

For order cancellation, you may still cancel until they’re shipped. If you already paid for your order. And you have to change or cancel the purchase, you need to contact Dubery within 12 hours. As soon as the packaging and the shipping process has begun, your order can’t be canceled anymore.

Dubery Eyewear

Why Should You Purchase Dubery Sunglasses

With superior customer service as the company’s top priority, this gives you an assurance that your new pair of shades are not only of good quality, and at the same time, you know that can easily reach out to them if ever you’ll have inquiries about your purchase.

What makes everything even more convenient to purchase from them is that you won’t be charged for shipping. Something that you won’t easily get from other online stores these days. To make the most out of this feat, you should consider buying more than one pair of sunglasses. If you’re lucky, you might get an opportunity to purchase their sunglasses at discounted shades for as much as 40% off the original price.

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Blupond is better than Dubery

I followed your suggestion and I tried Blupond since I had bought Dubery Sunglasses before. I got blinded by the cheap price. But the material and construction are not really durable enough for me. I tested Blupond Titanium frame alloy. And it was perfect together with the 1 year warranty. It also had freebies on here like screwdriver, pouch, semi hard case, tester card, VIP card, cleaning cloth and a gift box. From today, I would never go for cheap sunglasses again. I would rather have the original Polarized Sunglasses.

1 month ago

I boiught Dubery shield type a year ago, but after 4 uses, the right hinge snap. I was so disappointed.

7 months ago

Review Dubery Sunglasses.

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