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Kaenon Logo
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Kaenon Sunglasses

Kaenon Logo

KAENON: High-Quality Polarized Lenses on Earth

To begin with, Kaenon capitalizes on the production of polarized lenses and prescription lenses. They produce high-quality performing lenses. So, it provides different styles to both men and women.

The Company started from a brilliant idea of two brothers who emphasized that it is in their best interest to provide the best quality of lenses for their eyewear. It is not in their fundamental nature to have mediocre and fake types of sunglasses in the market. They want their company to be distinct and dignified.

Kaenon Burnet Polarized Sunglasses
Kaenon Burnet Polarized Sunglasses
What are Kaenon Sunglasses Products made from?

All of their eyewear is made from premium grade lenses and manufactured from Italy. Kaenon products are offered a competitive price, but it is surely appropriate with the materials and quality their products are made.

There are a number of eyewear collections that you can choose from on the Kaenon online store.

Type of Lenses

The type of lenses that Kaenon produce and distribute are polarize lenses. If you may not know, this kind of lens provides an increase in visual comfort. How? Our eyes go through constant challenges with glare, but with polarized lenses, it is easier to view objects under conditions in bright light. It enhances visual clarity and contrast for objects on ground level or under water.

Moreover, the polarized lenses block light rays that would normally enter your eyes after reflecting off of surfaces. The light that enters your eye after passing through a polarize lens will be through a filter. Thus, which it allows the wearer to see subjects differently. Nonetheless, the polarized lens provide protection against all harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Kaenon Clarke Polarized Sunglasses
Kaenon Clarke Polarized Sunglasses

Do the polarized lenses pose health benefits?

Yes. The polarized lenses of Kaenon eyewear definitely have health benefits for its wearer. A polarized lens reduces the distracting effects of glare by blocking light reflections. Surely, your eye comfort has improved. Also, it allows you to look at things without squinting. Glares are without doubt quiet uncomfortable with our eye health issue. Mostly for people with sensitive eyes, it can result in a migraine.

Kaenon Coto Polarized Sunglasses
Kaenon Coto Polarized Sunglasses
Kaenon Warranty

All of their eyewear has warranty against breakage. Which caused by defects in materials or manufacturing, at Kaenon’s discretion, for one year from date of purchase. Warranty is void without valid proof of purchase from an authorized Kaenon dealer.

Warranty excludes products altered after purchase, damage caused by normal wear and tear including scratches on lenses, and damage caused by any improper or unreasonable use.

Kaenon Coronado Polarized Sunglasses
Kaenon Coronado Polarized Sunglasses
Shipping, Return, and Exchange of Kaenon

With regards to the shipping. So, all orders are under process within 24 hours upon you have checked out your order. However, you have to remember that there are no deliveries during the weekends.

Maximum customer satisfaction is observe in Kaenon. Thus, returns are accepted to ensure brand quality. When you return Keanon items it should be packed securely and a proof of purchase should be attached on the package. When the Returns Department receives the returned product. The refund will be credited within a week.

For product exchange, mail back the product with the Return Authorization Number. After sending it back, place a new order on their online store.

Why choose Kaenon eyewear?

There is no doubt that Kaenon eyewear is best for outdoor activities. Nonetheless, the polarized lenses improve the safety of a person. When you wear their polarized sunglasses. As a result, the colors and images will be better. The subjects or images that you will see are clean and crisp with its astounding details!

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