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Moscot Eyewear

Moscot Logo
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Moscot Logo

MOSCOT Eyewear

If you did not know, MOSCOT Eyewear is a family business spearheaded by their great great Grandfather. Now, MOSCOT is now being run by its 5th generation. They may be a globally known fashion brand, but nothing beats the closeness it gives to its neighborhood.

The frames of MOSCOT Eyewear are distinguished into two categories: the Originals and the Spirit. When you say that the frames are under the MOSCOT Originals Collection, its styles are inspired from the archives of the 1930s to 1980s. If you want to look timeless, these classic frames will make you feel like you were born in the past.

Moscot Collection

The Spirit Collection of MOSCOT is a bit different from the archives, however, it still possesses the good features that run in the family of eyewear.

Another thing that is worth to mention. Especially if you are looking for a classic look with a bit of modern vibe frame like Moscot. Then, you can never go wrong on trying the Blupond Sunglasses. Wherein, according to sources, it comes with a 1year warranty, a case and a VIP card inside it. You can check them out by tapping on the image below for quick access.

Where and when did MOSCOT Eyewear begin?

As of today, MOSCOT is in its 120th year of bringing excellence in the eyewear industry. From a pushcart in 1899 to remarkable modern designs in its 5th generation, MOSCOT did not put its customers in dismay.

By 1938, the MOSCOT’s had their 100th-year anniversary. They really excelled in the field of eyewear as they began to have their own ships and latest equipment of that time.

MOSCOT Eyewear Collection

Dov Sun

Moscot Dov Sun

The Dov Sun is one of the wonderful sunglasses of Moscot Originals. There is a story behind its name, it is dedicated to Dr. Louis Rosenfeld who shared his passion and skill to his neighbors by giving medical services for only two dollars.

The first generation owner of MOSCOT, Great Grandpa Hyman, anointed him with the name “Little Dov”.

Lemtosh-TT Se Sun

Moscot Lemtosh

The Lemtosh-TT Se Sun is another beauty from the MOSCOT Originals. It is inspired by the story of when Great Grandfather Hyman arrived on Ellis Island. This is in honor of his greatness and ambitions.

Arthur Sun

Spirit Arthur Sun

Just like what was mentioned, the Spirit collection is a modern style of MOSCOT Original collection. The Arthur Sun is under the MOSCOT Spirit collection. Its frame is based on LEMTOSH silhouette. Although it has a distinguishable keyhole bridge and a thinner frame.

Devon Sun

Spirit Collection

The modern looks brought by Devon Sun of the MOSCOT Spirit Collection drew inspiration from the 60s to 80s look. A creative vibe radiates with the round shape of Devon. Give your young heart the groove you wanted to jive in.


Presciption Glasses Frame

We want to give you a heads up, MOSCOT does not only offer sunglasses. They also want you to experience the timeless vibe of their designs through your reading glasses. The Dov is Readers version of the Dov Sun from MOSCOT Originals collection.

The featured eyewear are just some of the wonderful timeless collections of MOSCOT Eyewear. You can take a look at the other designs through:

Ready Readers Collection

Spirit Collection

Originals Collection

MOSCOT is not just an Eyewear

Aside from the beautiful eyewear collections, MOSCOT offers accessories that help your eyewear safe and away from damage.

They have a Chamois for a pack of 3 which is made with a protective microfiber. It is good for cleaning the lens of your eyewear. It also has a beautiful design that features the scenes from the famed MOSCOT gallery wall, a shot from the iconic MOSCOT shop, and the MOSCOT head army.


Moreover, it offers cases that can provide protection to your glasses when you are putting it away. You can choose from a snap case, a soft case, and a hard case.

Aside from eyewear and its accessories, MOSCOT also offers music. It was in 2004 when the 4th generation and 5th generation of MOSCOT started to jam at the Orchard Street Shop. From there, MOSCOT has added a music element to its wonderful collection. Without a doubt, their love of art has connected hundreds of fans around the globe.

What is the price of Moscot Eyewear?

Well, the cost of Moscot Sunglasses varies. Wood frames can be around 27 USD and up on Amazon. While the original collection could range up to 400 USD.

What’s more interesting about MOSCOT?

MOSCOT Eyewear pays it forward through their MOSCOT Mobileyes Foundation, Inc. It is their pleasure to help those who are in need by improving their lives through preserving their sight. With this, they provide free yet high-quality medical eyecare and eyewear.

Amazing, isn’t it? MOSCOT is not a greedy company that only wants to rise above the crowd. But instead, it rises with the crowd.

Harry Potter Frame
Harry Potter Vibe?
Get something from MOSCOT Eyewear!

When you purchase eyewear or an accessory from MOSCOT, you are not just cultivating their craftsmanship. But also, you are helping other people’s lives from getting better. MOSCOT has been known as an international fashion brand, make it as your fashion statement with a heart. But if you are on a tight budget, you may consider some options. Because it’s never necessary to go for expensive brands when you can buy of the same quality for a lower price.

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Moscoit Alternative Sunglasses?

I am not impressed with the deisgn of Moscot. But that alternative brand you mention is elegant. Is that really titanium metal frame? I think I’m gonna buy that instead

2 weeks ago

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