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Persol Eyewear

Persol Logo
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Merging the past and the present, Persol Eyewear has created a timeless design that is distinct and unique.

Persol Logo

Persol Eyewear : Protecting Your Eyes with Fashion

Persol Eyewear Review

Protecting your eyes while staying in style has always been easy with Persol luxury eyewear. It has been a choice to many celebrities because of its design and quality.

Persol Evolution
Persol Evolution

Persol : The Beginning

Giuseppe Ratti, a photographer who owns Berry Opticians, started everything in Turin in 1917. He began creating advanced glasses in a small courtyard in Via Caboto. He made these glasses in demand for sports divers and pilots who are in need of excellent vision, comfort, and protection, and this leads to international success.

The following development of Ratti’s Protector model, along with his will to create high-quality sunglasses with ease of wearing.  It brought him to the creation of his trademark “Persol,” from the phrase “per il sol” that means “for the sun.” These eyeglasses are made to protect the eyes from extreme sun rays.

The Designs

Persol offers tons of designs that are top of the line. They made these designs not only for you to look good but ultimately to protect your eyes. But if you are on a budget and you would like to only go for the same classy style and purpose. A good brand worth to mention is Blupond. They have been long in the industry with their polarized sports sunglasses. What’s good about them is that they give the worth your money. They said to include a free shipping, a gift box together with an extended warrany card. So, they must be really confident with their product. If you want to check them out. You can tap on the image for the link to go to their shop.

Persol Eyewear Products

649 Series

Persol 649 Series
Persol 649 Series

This design was created in 1957 for tram-drivers in Turin. It is to protect their eyes against air and dust. Marcello Mastroianni wore them in the movie “Divorce Italian Style,” and it made the design more popular. If you are a motorcycle rider and prefers to use half instead of a full helmet, 649 Series is the best design for you.

714 Series

Persol 714 Series
Persol 714 Series

Persol created the model in the 1960s. It looks exactly as the 649, but this new series was the first-ever folding glasses. It became famous when people saw Steve McQueen wearing them in the film The Thomas Crown Affair. This series is perfect if you want to keep your glasses on easy-access places like your chest pocket.

Cellor Series

Persol Cellor Series
Persol Cellor Series

Made from cellulose and golden metal, where it got its name “Cellor,” this series was created in the 1950s. It has been in the brand’s collection for years, continuously recreated while maintaining its original look. It is available in sunglasses and optical version, and after sixty years, Cellor evolves into a new icon – it obtained the Persol Trademark Folding System.

Special Editions

Calligrapher Edition

Special Persol Editions
Calligrapher Edition

This design fused fine craftsmanship and the art of calligraphy. The eyewear is unique and made with a personal, human touch.

Vintage Edition

Vintage Persol Edition
Vintage Persol Edition

The inspiration for this edition is to make the vintage design to fit the modern style. It is the tribute to the iconic and exclusive Persol’s collection of acetates. This edition has nine different designs that symbolize the company’s continuous search for excellence.

Reflex Edition

Persol Reflex Edition
Persol Reflex Edition

Inspired by analog cameras with vintage looks, this edition is made for people who are passionate about photography. The foundation of this design is Ratti’s love for photography. Persol never fails to create the unexpected that surprises the optical and fashion industry.

Typewriter Edition

Typewriter Persol Edition
Typewriter Persol Edition

This edition will bring you back to the golden days of typewriting. The frame of this edition is branded with the collection’s name using the iconic, boxy American Typewriter font. The bridge of the frame is equipped with metal rivets that resemble the edging on traditional typing keys. Writers would love this design!


Persol Galleria900
Persol Galleria900

The design of the Galleria900 came from the Persol’s 1940s archive. Its sophisticated design and original acetates for distinctive, exclusive glasses made it a fresh old-fashioned pair of eyeglasses.

Which among Persol Products are available in both sunglasses and optical glasses?

All of the series and editions are available in sunglasses and optical glasses, except the Steve McQueen Special Edition that is only available in sunglasses. Each design has different variations that will suit your personality and style.

Persol Products

Why Choose Persol ?


Persol uses crystal lenses, the company’s point of pride. Most models use lenses that are made from precious optical material of natural origin that guarantees protection and visual clarity. These crystal lenses are created to provide maximum protection against the sun’s harmful rays, absorbing the radiation that is dangerous to the eyes. Persol also offers a polarized lens that is made from extra fine glass. It uses a very fine film of organic material that can block the light reflected on sand, road, and water for the best possible vision.


Persol offers more than four different sizes for each pair of glasses. The bridges have different heights and widths, and the arms come in different lengths to make each pair of glasses “made to measure,” making it as comfortable as possible. With regards to the weight, they use a special process called “telatura” to evenly distribute the weight of the glasses across the entire surface. It is a manual process by Ratti. Hence, still applied with the same precision and attention today.


So, this design is the world’s first flexible stem system and received its patent at the end of the 1930s. It eliminates the pressure on the head from the arms of the glasses. This system allows the glasses to adapt to the shape of the face which provides maximum comfort.


Each pair of Persol eyeglasses is handmade, using the highest quality materials. Continuous research and a history of technological perfection and attention to fine details made the Persol glasses unique.  More than just a pair of eyeglasses, each Persol eyewear is a work of art.

The Arrow

The Arrow makes each pair of Persol eyewear recognizable among the vast landscape of optics. This symbol also makes the brand so iconic. The inspiration came from the sword of the ancient warriors. The design through evolution by continuous technical and design adjustments. Also, arriving at the Supreme Arrow. That is currently the arrow design in the present Persol collection.

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Persol is too expensive

I would rather have a cheaper product with the same quality. I am not purchasing the brand name. I only buy the product.

1 month ago

I like Persol sunglasses because it’s light in weight.

8 months ago

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