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Raen Logo

RAEN: Bringing the South Cali Spirit to Eyewear

In the 21st century, identity is a hot button issue. People get into fights because of their identity. But, at the same time, they are able to find strength in that identity. But, that is the world we live in today. We find power in the statements we make, we find ourselves in what we say. A great way of doing that is in the clothes we wear. Fashion is not just about being trendy. It also gives people an idea of who we are without having to talk. The same goes for your accessories.

Raen Collection
Raen Collection

Now, your accessories are the little details that help round out your outfit. That means you need to get good quality accessories. Now, a critical piece of accessory is your eyewear. It has to look good, but it also has to protect your eyes. So, you need to get top quality eyewear. A good brand to go with is RAEN, and here’s why.

RAEN is Founded in South Cali Surf Culture

Founded in 2009 in southern California Rean was started by three people; Jeremy Heit, Justin Heit, and Jordan Percy. These three men bring the southern California flair to quality handmade sunglasses. Each of the founders brings a unique element to their glasses. But they were brought together by their design to have more compelling pieces of eyewear in a middling sunglasses industry.

– Justin Heit, Creative Director, and Co-founder

Justin Heit Raen Director
Justin Heit – Raen Director

He is the Creative Director of RAEN and has been in the business of Surf, Skate, and Sunglasses for a long time. With TransWorld Media, He helped launch the skate magazine Stance.
He then moved on to Nixon as their first Art Director. Sometime later he would found Libre Design Agency. In 2015 Libre provided a brand overhaul for the world surf league staying true to Justin’s roots. 

– Jeremy Heit, Vice President of Operations and Co-founder

Justin’s brother oversees the operations of RAEN. But, just like his brother is deeply rooted in the surf culture is a former professional surfer. He would then take his skills to the sales and marketing world. He would then found RAEN with his brother.

– Jordan Percy, Design Director and Co-Founder

Lastly, the design director Jordan Percy oversees the design and process of the glasses RAEN makes. He also oversees marketing initiatives to help propel the brand. Outside of these though he can be found surfing waves.

A Pair Made with Care

RAEN eyewear is made from the highest grade of cellulose acetate. It is an excellent material because of a couple of things; one is that it retains its color for an extended period of time. Plus its color is not easily altered by exposure to things like UV rays.  Plus it is a hypoallergenic material making it good for those with sensitive skin.

What are RAEN Products Made?

Each of their frames is handmade from an acetate sheet. Each frame is cut to the exact measurements from the California design studio. After being cut, it goes through a polishing process for a good finished look. Handmade acetate frames are preferred even by opticians as the material is easier to mold for an optimum fit for the wearer.

RAEN Sunglasses Products

Of course, there is more to your eyewear than the material of the frame. The temple too has to be of good quality. To achieve that they added a wire core to the inside to help fit any nuance of shape the wearer has. Plus, with the hinge being attached to the wire core, it becomes a more stable pair of glasses.

Finally, their glasses are made to protect your eyes. RAEN glasses are fit with CR-39 Lenses or CR-39 Polarized Lenses made by Carl Zeiss Vision. These industry-leading lenses give RAEN users complete UVA/UVB protection. You can also swap the lenses out for your prescription lenses, so you don’t just look good, you see good too.

Raen Lenses
Raen Lenses

A Look at RAEN Eyewear

We talked about the founders we talked about the process. But it is now time to talk about the actual product. Let us look at a couple of the great pieces of eyewear you can get from RAEN.

-The Arlo

The first one that drew attention is the Arlo, a modern classic that fits any occasion — inspired by the square sunglasses from the 50s and 60s. Inside the temple has custom hex hinges for added durability and strength.

Raen Arlo
Raen Arlo

-The Wiley

Another piece that is sure to be a head turner is the Wiley from the Alchemy collection. Another modern take on square glasses. But, this time there is an added wow factor thanks to the acetate frame and the metal chassis trim.

Raen Wiley
Raen Wiley

-The Ashtray

Then for the ladies, a great pair of glasses is the Ashtray. It comes from the Lux Wig collection as part of the collaboration with Alex Knost. It is a fun take on the cat’s eye silhouette glasses using pop color acetate for a really good looking product.

Raen Ashtray
Raen Ashtray

Each of these glasses comes with a special pouch and a polishing cloth. Depending which collection you get the glasses from you can even get a 100% vegan polyester pouch with a  custom print polishing cloth.

Where You can Find RAEN

RAEN has been getting more and more popular over time, and they have been getting exposure on popular magazines and are being worn by more popular people. YTOu can see their glasses in Seventeen Magazine, Rachel Ray, The Zoey Report, Glamour, People and So much more. Some beloved celebrities have also worn them  Jon Hamm, Olivia Wilde, Lucy Hale, and James Harden to name a few.

If you want to see regular people wearing RAEN glasses, you can check the #throughyoureyes. Also, if you want your own pair of RAEN glasses, you can visit their site, and you will have a great time even just by looking at the products they offer.

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