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Rudy Project

Rudy Project Logo
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Rudy Project Logo

Rudy Project Eyewear : The Place To Buy your Advanced Sports Eyewear

Rudy Project Eyewear understands your needs as an athlete. You can find sunglasses, helmets, prescription products, gear, and goggles. Quality, style, and progress; these are what the company have in mind when designing the products that will help athletes improve their performance.

About Rudy Project

Rudy Project is the brainchild of Rudy Barbazza. He created the company in 1985 in Treviso Italy. What he has in mind is to develop products and offer them for the athletes across the globe. His vision includes designing cutting edge sports eyewear.

Rudy Project listens and understands the needs of athletes from all fields. The company is continuously researching innovative materials and designs to boost performance.

Rudy Project eyewear boasts the most technological, stylish, and useful products for more than 30 years.

Types of Products


Rudy Project Red Sports Sunglass
Rudy Project Red Sports Sunglasses

A pair of sunglasses is vital for UV protection outdoors. Rudy Project many items available in different colors, designs, and shapes. When it comes to looking for the perfect sunnies, we have no shortage of options. The style you pick is your aesthetic choice.

All their sunglasses have a cool factor. But, they offer more than just an attractive look. We have biometric specialists that conduct many years of studies and research to learn how to make the ultimate sunglass for overall stability and comfort. Also, many of their sunglasses are helmet compatible.

We have a wide range of sunglasses to fit your needs. It is all a matter of taste

Prescription Glasses

Rudy Project Black Fram Sunglass
Rudy Project Prescription Glasses

Rx sunglasses exist in Rudy Project. We help eliminate the inconvenience of switching between glasses from time to time. Choose from their wide array, and you can have eyeglasses and sunglasses in one cool item. their prescription sunglasses will provide you with a clear vision as it protects your eyes at the same time. This is because we understand that not all people have a 20/20 vision.

If you belong in this category, don’t worry, you can find RX sunglasses for your daily, fashion, and sportswear. As the sun is shining and the weather is hot, make sure you protect your eyes properly.

Buying prescription glasses has never been easier with us. Simple get your prescription and know your frame size.


Rudy Project Sports Helmet
Rudy Project Sports Helmet

Their helmets are light and compact with plenty of ventilation to keep cyclists cool. When designing their helmets, we utilize all the engineering necessary to keep them lightweight but ultra-durable at the same time.

The Rudy Project helmets are designed with aerodynamic in mind. By wearing their helmet, you can go further and harder even when the heat is quite intense. their helmets are comfortable and adjustable because we believe that the helmet you use can affect your performance in sports.

Gear and Goggles

Here in Rudy Project, we have a wide range of gear available for every sport enthusiast. We have travel bags, sport bags, duffels, casual apparel, cycling jersey, beanies, performance water bottles, neck gaiters, trucker hats, and so much more.

For their goggles, we have MX and snow goggles that provide you with the best protection against the elements. We have skermo and klonyx snow, and klonyx mx.

We also offer google spare parts such as klonyx snow spare lenses, klonyx nose protector, klonyx conversion kits, klonyx/skermo goggle RX insert, and a lot more.

Shipping Information and Policy

Rudy Project receives daily order but all orders after 3 pm Pacific or 6 pm Eastern will ship on the following day. It takes about five to nine days to arrive in Canada and on the East Coast if the items are from their warehouse in Southern California. For West deliveries, it usually takes two to three business days for the items to arrive.

You can also qualify for their two-way shipping. In such case, there are instructions inside the package for return shipping.

Their overnight shipping is only available for people who live in the Lower 48 of the U.S. We have no overnight shipping option for Guam, Puerto Rice, Hawaii, and Alaska customers.

Rudy Project have shipment schedule in Canada except in the Canadian province of Nunavut NU. Orders typically take seven days to arrive.

Warranty Details

When it comes to workmanship, design, and material, we are proud to say we are the best in the world. However, words are not enough. Rudy Project offers a 3-year warranty on their sunglasses, goggles, and helmets. For their prescription lenses, there is a 1-year scratch replacement program. There is also a replacement lens guarantee for less handling and shipping cost.

What is Rudy Project Return Policy

For their return policy, we offer a 90-day money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your, Rudy Project will give you a full refund by simply returning the item within 90 days. Note that it does not apply to their prescription glasses. You may avail their free return shipping. Check if the box of your original purchase comes with a prepaid return shipping label.

Why Rudy Project Is The Best

If you are looking for high-quality sports eyewear with the coolest designs, look no further. Check out their product in Rudy Project and make your purchase now. their products are also reasonably priced to fit your budget.

Rudy Project has sunglasses, helmets, and goggles for every athlete who wants to be comfortable yet elevate their sports performance. You have a lot of options to select from with 3-year warranty. Backed by more than 30 years in the business, you know you come to the right place when you choose us to buy your eyewear.


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