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Soxick: Your Go-to Shop when It Comes to Stylish Sunglasses

With Soxick, looking attractive while protecting your eyes from damaging sun rays and artificial light is now possible. Whether you need eyeglasses, sunglasses, night vision shades, and computer spectacles, they’re here to give you the products that you need.



About Soxick

Named after German Lens, Soxick is a famous German army brand that provides different types of sunglasses, which boast style, durability, and affordability.  Founded in 1989 by Dick Wright in Munich, Germany, the brand has been selling night vision devices with “valiant soldier-like quality.  Wright, a former military man, realized that the increased traffic accidents at night should be prevented, so he and his team developed night vision glasses with a bright visual field and can avoid strong and diffused light from damaging eyes.

Aside from these life-saver products, they also sell sunglasses that can protect your eyes from harmful sunlight and ultraviolet radiation.

Since 2013, the brand has been selling to Germany, China, USA, Canada, and Japan. It shows that different countries and nationalities are into this company.


Types of Products

As mentioned, when it comes to the vast array of spectacles, you can rely on Soxick. From sunglasses to computer glasses, they can deliver. Here is some information:


Soxick’s sunglasses are a must-have that can be worn in every type of clothing. Whether you are just driving or going to the beach, their products can keep you safe, at the same time elevate your style. All of their sunglasses are made from types of frames that come in different colors.

Moreover, their sunglasses are made from the durable frames and glasses, so you don’t need to worry about eye strain.

Soxick Sunglasses

Night Vision Glasses

Driving or traveling at night is difficult, let alone dangerous. You need to be extra careful and wear night vision glasses to be safe from accidents, especially when in the dark road. This is where Soxick comes in. They have lenses that do nothing but protect your eyes from harsh artificial light. Their product lets you see clearly at night, keeping you safe.

Night Vision Glasses

Computer Glasses

When you use a computer for a long time, it’s common to experience eye strain. After all, computers release light with rays that can hurt eyes. While suffering eye strain is normal, it’s still essential to protect your eyes when using a laptop or related devices.

Good thing, Soxick is here to help you do that.  Their computer glasses are designed to prevent the reflected light from damaging your eyes. These spectacles can also correct vision, protecting you from having headaches.

With their glasses, you can now focus on your tasks and prevent having tired eyes. You can also have browsed the web or do everything you need. The lenses can keep your eyes safe and even prevent these from having serious issues.

Glasses Clips

This brand sells night vision glasses clip, too. These products cost $23 per box. You can put them in your fashionable eyeglasses if you don’t want to buy more.


Shipping Information and Policy

Shopping in this brand is hassle-free. Aside from having free shipping throughout 50 U.S States and Colombia, all of their products are fully insured. You don’t need to worry about lost shipments as they got your orders covered.

In addition to improving their service, the business also has delivery tracking, in which customers can track their orders. The brand will also send an e-mail confirming the tracking number as well as other information.   All of the customers’ orders will be delivered in eight business days after their purchase.

You don’t have to worry about your eyewear, as they can ensure that these will safely arrive at your door.

Price Rate Per Product

One of the reasons Soxick is preferred by many is because of their product’s affordability. Their sunglasses are not expensive, so you can indeed purchase them for your needs. You don’t have to worry about your budget. The best part? They have sale and promos. For sure, you can save money when you buy from them. Their glasses range from $30 to $38.

Return Policy

Soxick’s aim goes beyond providing quality glasses. They want to impress and give their customers a fun shopping experience, too. With that, they have a return policy. They accept returns if the products are not damaged. Also, you need to secure and wrap the items carefully so that they won’t be damaged during shipping. To learn more about this return policy, visit their website.

Reasons Soxick is the Best

Many companies sell sunglasses. Just hit the internet and you will find millions of glasses retailers. Every one of them wants to earn. With that, you might be thinking why you should purchase from Soxick? The answers are pretty simple: durability and affordability. Sure, many companies sell these products, but not all of them can offer what you need. Not every company can provide durable and affordable glasses, which can be worn in different styles.

This is why this brand is different as they can help you find the best spectacles. What’s more, their glasses are appealing. You can ensure that you will look smart and attractive with their products.  They care about their customers, too. After all, the company started because of their drive to help people avoid injuries at night. Thus, you can ensure that they value your satisfaction over others. 



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