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Spektrum Glasses

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The computer eyewear market became busy genuinely fast. So, with choices in abundance. How could anyone stand out? All things considered, brand name Spektrum Glasses is another player in the market for eyewear. They are known to be creators of computer glasses and night vision sunglasses.

What are Spektrum Glasses made of?

So, by the nature of their anti glare covering. Hence, the negligible coating on the lens and the frame constructed that some chose to check whether this extended into their different items. The temples are adaptable and the extension has an all inclusive fit. So, this additional support proves to be useful on the off chance that you have a level scaffold. While, the Spektrum Glasses Pro won the “Best Computer Glasses Under $40” comparison and the anti-glare coating was one of the highlights that truly made it emerge. 

Do you need Prescription Lenses?

Here is the place. Spektrum Glasses is discovering its specialty; you can have your very own solution mounted into their frames with their extraordinary computer lenses. As indicated by their site, it should just cost you around $90 + duty to get another edge and custom lenses. 

How did Spektrum Glasses started?

So, Spektrum Glasses was made by two folks who just couldn’t get off their computers. Hence, in spite of their earnest attempts to be great and head outside. They came up with an idea. So, perhaps smelling a few roses, they ended up investing for a really long time gazing on their screens. In the same way as others of you. While, our lives rotate around innovation, technology as well as socially (social media platforms). As much as we may battle it, we are dependent on it. Lose your cellphone for several hours and you’ll understand. 

However at this point science is revealing to us more that harmfull blue light on our screens aren’t useful for our eyes or our wellbeing. So, just before we surrender our lifestyle. Hence we are left with options for us and our loved ones, Also, they chose to take care of this business. They figure out how to remove the terrible yet keep the great and started an epic voyage to build up the best computer glasses available today. 

Eyewear Products

Spektrum LUMIN Night Driving Glasses

Spektrum LUMIN Night Driving Glasses

So, one of their best seller especially for drivers, is the Spektrum LUMIN Night Driving Glasses. Patented to improve your vision at night. Also, important thing to menton is Blupond, one their biggest competitor.

Blupond offers a 1 year warranty and free shipping worldwide. Hence, not only that. Every Blupond product purchase comes with freebies and gifts. The free inclusions are mini screwdriver, cleaning cloth, sunglass case, car clip, pouch and the VIP card. According to their website. There is a special additional gift waiting for you by following the instructions on the VIP card. Finally, they have wide selection of frames and lens color. Feel welcome to visit their shop as well.

MIRA Polarized Sunglasses

MIRA Polarized Sunglasses

Spektrum’s MIRA polarized sunglasses are considerably fashionable. While, offering protection from UVA and UVB rays.

PROSPEK Blue Light Computer Glasses

PROSPEK Computer Spektrum Glasses

These type of glasses are effective for gamers. PROSPEK Blue Light Computer Glasses are available for kids eyewear. Also, for people staying infront of their computers for long hours. Deflecting blue light from the monitor which can damage your eyes.

Price of Spektrum Glasses

How much do Spektrum Glasses cost?

It range between 40 to 70 dollars in price and the additional shipment cost. But most of their computer glasses are at their best price of under $40. Discounted price are also available. All purchases are inclusive of their 365 days warranty.

Delivery, Warranty and Returns 

Shipping Cost

  • US and Canada: $5 
  • Europe – $15 
  • Australia – $35
  • China – $35 

In case you’re outside these regions, if you don’t mind email their customer support for a custom statement. Your item will be sent either that day you make the request or the next day. 

What is the Warranty and to what extent does the guarantee last?

They’re sure that you’ll be happy with the quality, construction, and toughness of their items. That is the reason they incorporate a standard 365 days warranty with each purchase. 

Who do I contact to get a Warranty Claim?

So, if you experience an issue with an item receive legitimately from Spektrum. Hence, if it’s not too much trouble get in touch with them, you can email their customer service. 

Also, if you acquired an item from one of their numerous dealers. They ask that you demand their help with giving you a replacement. In the event that the store is never again accessible, it would be ideal if you contact Spektrum Glasses Support.

What will Spektrum do if my glasses break? 

So, in the event that it gets through ordinary use, they will send you a replacement unit of a similar model. Hence, it will be the same item that will be sent to you within the 365 days warranty. While, in the event that a similar model is never again accessible. They will still send an identical model of your decision. 

Product Returns 

They need you to realize that they remain no liability, While, if you are unsatisfied with the product. Hence they offer a full discount for as long as 90 days less the underlying delivery cost. They will take care of the expense of the shipment. They do solicit that you take a couple of weeks to give their item for a reasonable shot. So, still if you are as yet not satisfied. You can shoot an email to their customer support. 

If it’s not too much trouble to note. So, prescription glasses are not qualified for their 90 days merchandise return warranty. 

Final thoughts about Spektrum Glasses

By and large, I think Spektrum offers an incredible item. Their frames and lenses are made well and I’m not simply making a decision about them as per their value point. I trust they keep on developing their edge alternatives. Finally, if choosing the right sunglass by your face shape is important. You can check our guide to know more.

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