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Sunski Logo
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Sunski Logo

Sunski : Creating Sunglasses Differently

Sunglasses are the personality maker in fashion accessories. With millions of companies selling glasses, it is easy to find and buy a pair that matches your style. Here in Sunski, you can find not only the best glasses that blend with your style but also have items that can guard your eyes. In this company, they can provide you with high-quality products and even environmental friendly eyewear, too. Once you take hold of these glasses, you won’t have them in any other way.

Sunski Sunglasses

About Sunski

Sunski is a sunglasses company made by Tom and Michael in San Francisco. After they graduated in college and had a food business, none of them predicted to own a sunglasses business. Slowly growing, they start to produce new designs and the base for a robust small business. This business was born in a beach house 473 steps away from the Pacific Ocean making work and play act together. This team now has nine members who are up to whatever crazy adventures.

This business is not only about the sunglasses they offer; they are also in a mission of looking out for the planet and making it better. While donating 1% of their sales to environmental non-profits, Sunski is also beginning to produce recycled plastic frames.

Sunglasses Information

From blocking harmful rays to shielding your eyes from infection, sunglasses are an essential part of fashion. Sunski’s sunglasses give full protection against ultraviolet rays and infection while upgrading your style; these glasses can make a fashion statement with you being as simple as you can.

Sunski Classic

Made in Wenzhou, China, the glasses are designed with frames that are made of Polycarbonate plastic. This material makes them super flexible, lightweight, and very resistant to breakage. On the other hand, their lenses offer 100% full-spectrum ultraviolet rays protection and are made from triacetate cellulose (TAC), which involves a solid polarization layer. This combination allows you to have a better and brighter vision without having eye strain. Dielectric mirror coatings are also available on some of their styles for further blockage of glare that keeps your cool.

Sunski’s sunglasses also have various color tint lenses. Here are two of their popular colors:

  • Grey Lenses

Grey lens is a traditional sunglass lens color as it doesn’t change the actual colors but can still protect your eyes from the bright sun. These grey lenses are also not extremely dark to cause impaired vision and can prevent eye fatigue.

Sunski Gray Lens
  • Amber Lenses

There is another color which is amber tint. These amber lenses do not only give sepia outlook and fashion, but they are also great boosters of vision. With this, you can have a crisp, contrasting vision that allows you to make out shapes precisely.

Proper Care

To make sure your new lenses stay shiny and bright, here are some great care tips:

  • If you take your Sunskis into the pool or the ocean, make sure to wash them with fresh water after. When chemicals sit on the eyeglasses for too long, they will remove the coating and damage the lenses. A quick rinse is what you need to retain them looking brand-new.
  • If you have time, allow your glasses to air dry. This way, you can keep any materials from getting onto your lens. Another way is to wipe them down with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth.
  • You should own a case that has a fitting size for your glasses. This case is not only to keep dust and dirt away, but to protect your specs from getting scratched, bent or cracked.

Price Rate Per Product

Aside from having attractive, durable and environmental-friendly sunglasses, Sunski provides affordable glasses. With their high-quality products, their glasses price ranges only from $38 to $89.

Shipping and Order Information

Sunski also presents easy access to their shipping and order policy. After you place your order, your glasses will be shipped in 1 business day; however, if you order after business hours, it will range between 1-2 days. Moreover, if you order on the weekend, your order will process on the next business day.

This store ships all US orders with USPS First-Class mail which means the shipping will take 3-5 business days to arrive. If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, then your order will probably get to you sooner. There is also a policy of free USA shipping fee if you buy at least two sunglasses here in Sunski.

What is Sunski Return and Exchange Policy

You are allowed to return your order within 60 days of purchase. The exchange policy is straightforward – you can decide what you desire to exchange for right in their returns portal. If by chance, a friend gave you one, but you want another design, Sunski also allows you to have it exchanged. Just send them to the company address with a note explaining which pair you would like in return, your email, and return address.

Please also make sure that they are still in their original packaging and unused!

Lifetime Warranty

With the thoughtfulness of the team, Sunski covers a lifetime warranty for the sunglasses as long as you own them. Their warranty covers all problems related to production defects that happen throughout your ownership of the glasses. If they break under regular use, they will fix and replace them for you. Lost items are not included in this warranty, but you can still try and have a deal with the company. They are very considerable to their customers especially if you narrate them a good story and give a valid reason.

Reasons to Buy At Sunski

Many companies around the world sell sunglasses. With a single click,  you can already find numerous retailers with a different purpose. However, here in Sunski, you’ll have a whole different and extraordinary experience. From their recycled frames and high-quality lenses, they can already offer you various long-lasting less expensive glasses.

These reasons are the proof why this brand is different from the others. Moreover, their glasses possess not only durable and affordable qualities but also eye-pleasing qualities. Furthermore, of course, you can’t forget their mission of being environmental-friendly.  With these glasses, you only not look beautiful but you are also saving the planet at the same time.

In Sunski, you can also be sure of excellent service, too. After all, the company is composed of nine amazing members who can service and have fun while working. Thus, they value your satisfaction over others. You can recognize that they have your best interest at heart by a single glance.

Contact Details

This shop is very easy to find and contact. You can email them hello@sunskis.com. If you want to go personally, find Sunski’s base at Sunski, ATTN: Exchange gift, 1358 La Playa St., San Francisco, CA, 94122. You can also find them at Hollister and Urban Outfitters across the world and in REI, Marine Layer and Sports Basement stores in the United States.


Sunski sunglasses is an Affordable brand.

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