Are Sports Sunglasses Supposed to be Pricey?

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Cheap Sports Sunglasses

Cheap Sports Sunglasses

Are Sports Sunglasses Supposed to be Pricey?

Is it necessary to use one? What is the difference in a typical sunglass? Are there cheap sports sunglasses? Are sports sunglasses worth the money? Getting a quality shades doesn’t need to be pricey. There are cheap sports sunglasses which has great quality yet affordable.

Some mistakenly get straightforward having a pair of Sports Sunglasses is like wearing a typical sunglass. It is just a pair of tinted glasses with either plastic or metal frame. When in truth, it is not only classic sunglasses mostly used outdoors to protect the eyes from the sun. Sports Sunglasses solely made and designed for the use of sports-inclined individuals whether for a newbie, a hobbyist, or a professional athlete.

Sports Sunglasses is a Necessity

The ray of sunlight can damage eyes as it is to the skin. If a high percentage of Sun Protection Factor (SPF) needed when playing outdoor sports to serve as a protection of the skin from the sun, the eyes, however, need sports sunglasses. Direct exposure to sunlight may result in excessive blinking, irritation, difficulty in seeing especially in bright lights, or worse cataracts and cancer. Light colored eyes are more prone to the sun and can be at higher risk on those possible eye problems and diseases.

Prescription Lenses

There are also prescription lenses which perfectly fits the vision. Sports sunglasses with prescription lenses reduce sudden irritation caused by the reflection which distracts the vision. It avoids from bouncing back in the glasses resulting in affecting the eyesight. Also, its tinted or grey coating helps to reduce the amount of glare the eyes are taking in and lessens the bright light.

What makes sports sunglasses ideal for outdoor activities like basketball, beach volleyball, biking, and hiking is its clear filter that supports in reducing glare, increase distinction or even the complexity of acuity. Athletes who spend more time engaging in an outdoor sports activity will not suffer from any hitches because the sports sunglasses filter the harmful radiation.

Think of it as an investment for eye and health protection.

Special Feature of Sports Sunglasses

One way to enjoy the sport is to have confidence that the vision will not fail but can enhance the overall performance.

Anti-Reflective Lenses

It is quite uncomfortable and harsh to see correctly in astounding bright light so protecting the eyes against it is essential. Anti-glare sports sunglasses have a thin layer of Anti-Reflective coating or often referred to as AR Coating. Some of its benefits are:

  • It removes the surface of the light’s reflection to the glasses;
  • It reduces eye discomfort and helps boost performance; and
  • It helps sharpen the vision and minimize distractions caused by glare and reflection.

Durable Frames

Sports Sunglasses’ frames are made mostly of lightweight material either acetate, nylon or metal making it more durable and flexible. There are also full rim or semi-rimless frames to choose from depending on the style. Both offers optimal visibility and grip which help to keep focused on the game.

Sweat-proof Sunglasses

Sports Sunglasses tend to be a sweat-proof due to the nose grip and temple pads. It prevents from sliding off the face even when soaked with sweat or any liquid. Temple pads have hydrophilic quality- meaning it can interact with the water causing it to have a better grip. Aside from it, there is also a rubber anti-slip for extra security and support.

Majority of sports sunglasses are designed to provide flexibility for the wearer to move freely. Some made to fit the helmet of a particular sport. What is more important is its better grip and durability.

These are also a few of the top factors to consider when buying sports sunglasses.

Expensive versus Cheap Sports Sunglasses

Some cheap sports sunglasses do not offer Ultraviolet (UV) protection causing to increase the exposure to UV rays. Some have a lower percentage of UV protection. The iris of the eye opens allowing more light to come in because cheap sunglasses are blocking some of the sunlight. It is essential to make sure that the sunglasses bought and worn has a hundred percent of UV protection.

Actual Test

When first tried on, cheap sunglasses provide unobstructed vision. But wearing it for an extended period makes the eyes tired, stressed and strained. It is because of the lesser quality of the materials used to make the lens.

Polycarbonate lenses mostly used for higher quality sports sunglasses. It makes the lenses impact-resistant and scratch-resistant which cheaper sunglasses cannot provide.

Do not be fooled by stickers with notes of ‘100% UV Protection’ or ‘Blocks UV.’ Do not take chances on cheap sunglasses unless its quality, durability, and protection are the same with expensive sports sunglasses.

It is not a pre-requisite to have an expensive pair. Some stores offer affordable price at the best quality of Sports Sunglasses the eyes deserved.

Sports Sunglasses Worth the Price

Be smart in terms of spending money. It is what most individuals wanted or at least tried to. Little understood people tend to be happily splurging money on things that only brings joy without even realizing it is not essential.

Especially for athletes or sports-inclined individuals, having a good quality pair of sports sunglasses is a requisite. Since playing sport is the priority, it is best to invest in the things that bring value and confidence, and something that can use for a long time like a proper and comfortable outfit, gears, accessories, and a pair of sports sunglasses.

Aside from its quality, sports sunglasses usually comes in a package- a cleaning cloth, a pouch or a box. Lucky enough if it comes with other freebies. This package can be for personal use or as a gift to a friend, colleague or boss.  

What’s more worthy having sports sunglasses is it expands one’s limit by gearing and enhancing the performance.


Protect the eyes with the best quality material Sports Sunglasses, and there will be no worries from any harmful effects of sunlight and UV rays. Sports Sunglasses are not supposed to be expensive or pricey. It is the protection, flexibility, and durability that matters. Do not put oneself into danger by not wearing a good pair. The essential piece of gear worn is Sports Sunglasses.

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