Day and Night Driving Sunglasses : The Perfect Duo

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Looking for a Day and Night Driving Sunglasses?

Day and Night Driving Sunglasses: The Ultimately Perfect Duo

Day and Night Driving Glasses
Day and Night Driving Glasses

Every individual has a unique driving experience either during daytime or nighttime. Some best enjoy driving in the day because of the availability of light, helping them see better, while others prefer driving into all the car lights at night.

But even if you prefer driving during daytime, driving at night is something you can not get avoid.

Why use a Polarized Sunglasses?

Because catching up with your best friend after work can keep you until midnight on the road! A date night out with your loved one to a newly open resto can keep you til night, and a sushi night with your colleagues can also keep you atleast before midnight! And a lot more!

But seriously speaking, there are tons of reasons we cannot avoid driving at night whether we like it or not.

Another common reason why most prefer daytime driving is because nighttime driving has fewer light visibility, plus car colours almost camouflaging with the dark environment, you bet it can get really hard to convince someone to enjoy night driving. Add to it that road accidents has high percentage at night. According to statistics, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claimed that night driving causes more than three time of road fatalities.

Day and Night Driving Experience

Here are some of the causes of road accidents:

• Using a cell phone while driving. Refrain from texting while driving when you are on the road

• Inattentiveness with the road traffic signs

• Driving closely behind another vehicle

• Impaired drivers

• Fatigue

• Rush hour

• Weather conditions

• Night driving

• Compromised vision at night

Driving at Night

It proves that we should be extra careful when driving at night.

So, what could prevent these hazards at night? A highly illuminated street light? A night driving sunglasses?

You got it! A pair of night driving glasses! What’s even more good is a nice pair of sunglasses that works on both day and night – an investment we encourage everyone for high safety protection! Additionally, you may read some Night Driving Tips.

Want to know what day and night driving sunglasses we recommend? Read on.

Day and Night Driving Sunglasses Poster

Some of the best practices for daytime and nighttime driving?

  • Maintain distance. Basic advise we get from our coaches is to maintain distance from the car you are following. Maintaining that distance and regulate your speed will save you big time in case. Moreover, it is important to keep distance more importantly at ight because distracting bright lights and decreases visibility makes it hard to estimate.
  • Anticipate. If your car is too close, you cannot anticipate or dodge when something happens with the car in front of you.
  • Keep your mind alert. You have to be alert, especially those who are fond of driving. We understand that you prefer to drive nonstop through day and night. However, you should keep your mind and body awake.
  • Drive defensively. It is important to drive defensively. Especially at night, you cannot easily spot an object distinctively. Moreover, some drivers are inconsiderate, they use high beam lights.
Night Driving
Night Driving

How to Avoid Light Glares at Night?

  • Adjust the outside mirrors

    Outside mirrors reduces glares and blind spots.

  • Turn your eyes away

    Some drivers forget to dim their headlights. Looking directly on the oncoming vehicles can blind you, it is advisable to look away. Moreover, stay on the lane and drive slowly until the vehicle passes.

  • Use the rearview mirror

    You can change the mirror to night settings if this feature is available in your vehicle.

  • Use the headlights

    Do not speed up, road obstacles will be difficult to avoid when you overdrive. Thus, decreasing your speed to properly use the headlights and follow the proper distancing when there are cars in front of you.

Additional Information

Danger are inevitable when there is no control.

Vision is limited at night, it is narrowed by the illuminating headlights from an oncoming car or street lights. It is during the night when the depth perception, peripheral vision, and color recognition are compromised.

Also, we suggest that you test the polarization of your sunglasses

We cannot control the changes of our vision, since it is our eye’s nature to compromise. So it advisable to wear a night vision glasses for your nighttime driving.

Glares from headlights that are as far as 3,000 feet can distract a driver. Moreover, objects that has high contrast and bright colors are visible at night. When our eyes are exposed from sunlight and glares in a prolonged period, it can lead to temporary vision damage. Having said this, we strongly recommend to wear a good day & night driving sunglasses to protect your eyes from harsh bright lights, glares and reflection.

We find this article several ways night vision glasses can help you at night with information that helps you understand how night vision glasses helps. In addition, night vision glasses enhance depth perception and contrast, and reduces light glare from headlights.

So, what is our best choice for day and night driving sunglasses?

There are various of factors to consider when choosing the right driving glasses for you. We recommend this pair of night driving sunglasses from Blupond.

Blupond Bundle Package
Day and Night Driving Glasses Gift Bundle

The Ultimate Perfect Duo: Day & Night Driving sunglasses is remarkably the best day & night driving sunglasses you will find in the market! Here’s why:

Protective features:

  • UV400 Protection: As a day and night driving glasses, it has a UV400 protection that reduces the harm of UV radiation from the sunlight. It has been recommended by medical experts to use sunglasses that has UV400 protection. Without a doubt, this Blupond driving sunglasses has met the requirement.
  • Polarized Yellow Lens: Experts claimed that the tints on lenses helps with eye protection. The reason why polarized sunglasses are recommended for night driving is it optimizes the object definition and depth perception. Furthermore, it reduces the glares reflected by light.
  • Durable Frame: Grips, hinges, and nose bridge surely secures the glasses does not slip. The lenses are made from TCA polycarbonate blend that makes it shatterproof– this sunglass is unbreakable! Moreover, it uses aluminum-magnesium for its frames that makes it durable.
  • Affordable PriceBlupond offers its eyewear protection in an affordable price. You have to put in mind that prices do not define the quality of a product. There are sunglasses that are expensive, but still does not guarantee an optimum protection.

About the product

This driving glasses is surely durable! It has a high-quality metal frames and polycarbonate shatterproof lenses that makes it unbreakable. It does not slip easily. Its hinges are reinforced, and it has an attached black anti-slip on its nose bridge. Moreover, the anti-slip does not only prevent slips but also reflection from lenses.

The set of Blupond Day & Night Driving Glasses includes a carrying pouch to keep the lens safe; a cleaning cloth to wipe the lens without scratching it; glasses clip for car storage; and a mini screwdriver to adjust your glasses in case of discomfort.

The glasses clip ensures safety for your driving glasses in your car and it is compatible for all types of glasses.

Blupond specializes and offers a wide range of driving glasses, eyewear and sports accessories.

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Looking for an appropriate night driving sunglasses is crucial. Do not quickly buy those yellow tinted sunglasses. There are fake polarized glasses scattered in the marketplace. There are manufacturers that does not guarantee visual enhancement. You should ensure that the glasses you are buying is legit and suitable for your needs.

Ultimately, when you are driving, fully concentrate and have your full attention on the road. Distractions from light, cell phones, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol should be avoided.

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