BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses Knight Visor

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Blupond Night Driving Glasses Knight Visor has HD Yellow Tinted Lenses to filter out harmful Blue Light. Best for smooth driving experience.

Blupond Night Driving Glasses Knight Visor
Blupond Night Driving Glasses Knight Visor


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BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses Knight Visor

Blupond Night Driving Glasses Knight Visor Features


Noticeable Glare Reduction (noticing the effect depends on individual eye anatomy). Therefore, will not cause your vision to be better at night than during the day. Extended use is required in order to notice a change by our night vision glasses for driving. THROUGH LAB STUDIES, BY MIRRORING THE LIGHT SPECTRUM OF THE HUMAN EYE. So, we’ve built our Yellow-Tinted Lenses to filter out harmful Blue Light. Hence, using yellow shades which cause the least stress on the eye.

Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses Colors


TAC Semi Polarized Blue Light Blocking KNIGHT VISOR. Therefore, designed to transform your vision to a yellow view + computer blue-light polarization. BLUPOND night driving glasses – anti-glare HD vision blue blocker glasses protect eye from Blue Light. But, reducing contrast from bright blue / white glares & flashes for a vivid nighttime drive. Also, Polarized safety sunglasses for men block digital device & bright headlights’ . Blue Light with 100% UV400 BLUPOND HD vision night glasses



Anti glare night driving glasses permit maximum light to limit distortion. So, while some distortion is unavoidable. But, yellow sunglasses for men polarized safely shield your eyes from harmful Blue Light. Metal frame construction built to survive inevitable drops and dings. Also, a plus nightguide polycarbonate, shatterproof, yellow-tinted night tac glasses. With blue light neutralization, protective safety shades for cycling / motorcycle nite drive.

Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses 360


FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT & WEARABILITY – sleek, stylish KNIGHT VISOR anti-glare glasses. Therefore, designed for extended effortless wear. In addition, BLUPOND glasses night vision leave headaches behind, with ultra-thin, super-light semi-polarized lenses. Integrated nose pads, and a rubberized support system for added security. Women’s, men’s driving glasses night vision weigh in at just 26 g. Also, available in 4 colorways: Black, Titanium, Brown, Gold. NOTE: Not Designed To Be Worn Over Prescription Glasses. Hence, try the Blupond Fitover Wraparound Sunglasses instead.

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IN ADDITION TO YOUR KNIGHT VISOR POLARIZED DRIVING GLASSES. Night vision tac daytime safety glasses. You’ll receive a night sight hd glasses Accessory Set + sunglass cleaning kit. Complete with our EVA eye glasses hard case from Blupond, Screwdriver for minor adjustments, Sunglasses pouch. Microfiber cleaning cloth, Glasses clip for convenient car storage, and nightdriving glasses Gift box. The total package to keep your yellow tint lens glasses for night driving hd glasses for men ready anywhere you go.

Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses Bundle

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