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Reading Time: 14 minutes Blupond Sunglasses have HD polarized lenses. Also equipped with Knight Visor technology for their night driving glasses.

Maui Jim

Reading Time: 8 minutes Maui Jim Sunglasses: Explore The World Differently. Maui Jim, promises it will always show its true colors while making the customers happy.

RayBan Shades

Reading Time: 9 minutes RayBan shades style stays sophisticated even after years. Ray-Ban Sunglass continues to provide you with stylish and high-quality eyewear.

Oakley Sunglass

Reading Time: 8 minutes Oakley Sunglass has an unending passion on technology, sports, innovation and service. Oakley donates to non-profit organization for charity.


Reading Time: 10 minutes Undeniably, Nopeet sunglass is a beautiful fashion statement. If you want a little pop with your wardrobe, a pair of Nopeet shades should get you started.


Reading Time: 9 minutes With Soxick Sunglasses, looking attractive while protecting your eyes from damaging sun rays and artificial light is now possible.

Eagle Eyes

Reading Time: 9 minutes Eagle Eyes sunglasses provides what someone looks for in a good eyewear protection, think of sunglasses as an umbrella cover for your eyes.

Duco Glasses

Reading Time: 10 minutes Duco Glasses is a trusted brand focuses on producing top-quality made glasses.DUCO caters to a wide variety of functional glasses.


Reading Time: 8 minutes If you’re ones who have a fuzzy vision when looking at objects, it’s time to adjust and use Gunnar Eyewear to support your eyes.


Reading Time: 8 minutes Pyramex : Your Safety is Always a Priority. Pyramex is one of the premier makers of eyewear and safety gear. Innovation is at the heart of every Pyramex product.

POC Sunglasses

Reading Time: 8 minutes POC Sunglasses helps you to see the real you or the image that you want to show. Today, one of the best ways is to find the right eyeglasses that will match your lifestyle and personality.


Reading Time: 8 minutes When it comes to vision technology, Essilor is the leading company for best polarized technology. The Xperio lenses is one of their best.


Reading Time: 9 minutes While donating 1% of their sales to environmental non-profits, Sunski is also beginning to produce recycled plastic frames.

Barton Perreira

Reading Time: 8 minutes Innovative eyewear and sunglasses made with craftsmanship and designed with no compromise; that is Barton Perreira.

Warby Parker

Reading Time: 10 minutes When it comes to fashionable, yet affordable eyewear and accessories, you can rely on Warby Parker to have something for you.

Persol Eyewear

Reading Time: 8 minutes Protecting your eyes while staying in style has always been easy with Luxury Persol Eyewear. It has been a choice to many celebrities.

Garrett Leight

Reading Time: 8 minutes With so many designs to choose from without sacrificing the quality, Garrett Leight can provide you with a wide selection to choose from.


Reading Time: 8 minutes RAEN eyewear is made from the highest grade of cellulose acetate. It is an excellent material because of a couple of things.


Reading Time: 8 minutes Shwood Eyewear pioneered more than 15 new and unique elements. From stabilized seashells, wood frames, to oxidized metals, in the industry.

Le Specs Sunglass

Reading Time: 8 minutes When you are picking out eyewear you need to have a wide selection from a great line up of products, like the ones from Le Specs Sunglass.

Randolph Eyewear

Reading Time: 8 minutes Through Randolph Eyewear, you can have a fashionable look while protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays and artificial light.

Siroko Sunglasses

Reading Time: 9 minutes Siroko is known for its fashionable sunglasses and sturdy sports shades. They also offer a wide range of top-notch accessories.


Reading Time: 7 minutes Dubery Sunglass offers eyewear that can be useful for athletes or even anyone who may find themselves in high-glare situations.

ic Berlin

Reading Time: 8 minutes IC! Berlin makes the conscious decision to prioritize durability. But also IC Berlin Sunglasses have the option to fit in the modern world.

Vogue Eyewear

Reading Time: 8 minutes Discover beautiful items and elegant brand new collections through Vogue Eyewear International. Obtain utmost confidence to vamp up your look.

Bonnie Clyde Eyewear

Reading Time: 9 minutes The Bonnie Clyde Reflex: Owning Your Style with Deviant Sunglasses Bonnie Clyde Eyewear The automatic…


Reading Time: 8 minutes Keep your clothes nice and straightforward, have a piece or two of quality accessories to highlight your style with Mykita Eyewear.

Knockaround Sunglasses

Reading Time: 8 minutes Knockaround is the source of fantastic shades that do not cost very much money. With tons of various color combinations.

Sun Buddies

Reading Time: 7 minutes Sun Buddies Sunglasses is a premium line of eyewear, was inspired by the shades worn by Bibi Andersson, an actress in the 1966 film, Persona.

Rudy Project

Reading Time: 7 minutes Rudy Project Eyewear understands your needs as an athlete. You can find sunglasses, helmets, prescription products, gear, and goggles.


Reading Time: 5 minutes Kaenon capitalizes on the production of polarized lenses and prescription lenses. Available .to both men and women.

Hawkers Eyewear

Reading Time: 5 minutes Hawkers Eyewear wants to put an end to the monopoly by creating the most awesome quality sunglasses at a fair price.

Switch Vision

Reading Time: 5 minutes Switch Vision Sunglasses was made to cater to all those needs with magnetic lenses. One frame could already fit different types of lenses.

Proof Eyewear

Reading Time: 6 minutes With Proof Eyewear Wooden Sunglasses. Discover the trendiest and most popular sunglasses styles.Check their products today!

Delirious Eyewear

Reading Time: 8 minutes Delirious Eyewear is using titanium and aluminum. Eyewear design were inspired by simple lines to make sunglasses without screws or hinges

Cocoons Fitovers

Reading Time: 10 minutes Cocoons Fitovers are the world’s driving image of optical grade fitover sunglasses. Maintain fashion with fitover prescription glasses.

Jonathan Paul Fitover

Reading Time: 9 minutes As the originator of the fitovers classification, Jonathan Paul Fitover Sunglasses conveys the most premium assorment of fitover eyewear.

Asos Sunglasses

Reading Time: 8 minutes ASOS Sunglasses is a brand committed to providing all sizes in uniform pricing to cater a broader scope of the audience especially the LGBTQ.

Taylor Morris

Reading Time: 8 minutes Taylor Morris Sunglasses gives fashionable look to your lifestyle. Taylor Morris eyewear is handcrafted with a well-thought classic design.

Spy Optic

Reading Time: 8 minutes Spy Optic offers sunglasses, prescription eyewear and goggles. Their unique style comes with high-quality lenses and durable frames.

Grey Ant

Reading Time: 8 minutes By Wearing grey ant sunglasses, stand out like a celebrity. They offer sunglasses, optical eyewear and gear case. Check them out now.

Sheriff and Cherry

Reading Time: 8 minutes In Sheriff and Cherry sunglass collections, you’ll find the most creative and unique sunglasses and othet eyewear that you’ll surely love.


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There is a huge list of sunglasses brands in the market. But, not all of them are really worth your time and money. So, check our reviews and blog to guide you. As a consumer, we are picky on which type of eyewear should we buy. But, we do consider certain factors, like the price, durability and design. To be honest, some of us even takes hours when shopping for sunglasses. We try to wear each piece to make sure to pick the best one. So, our creative team spent time and effort to give you (our beloved readers) some insights. In addition, we are open to all brands in the market to submit a request for review. Also, even consumers can request on which brands they would like to see in our directory. Moreover, we would like to thank you for taking your time on reading our articles. We hope that our review list of sunglasses brands could hep you to pick the right quality that suits your needs. Consequently, we are open to feedbacks on how we can improve our services further. Thank you and happy reading.

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