How to Test Polarization

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It is important to do a polarization test for your newly bought sunglasses. Especially if they are to serve as driving glasses. This will gauge the effectivity to reduce the glare


We will show you How to Test Polarization of your Sunglasses in 3 simple steps.

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How to Test Polarization of Sunglasses?

  1. Position your glasses horizontally in front of the Target Image below.
    Test Polarization
  • Start rotating the glasses for about 90 degrees
    Polarization Test Target
  • Notice the change in the lens tint and compare it to the image below.
    Polarized Test
  • Be sure to choose a premium quality night driving glasses to aid you especially at night.

Check the difference using Blupond Knight Visor on the right part. While, the left part is from plain vision with your naked eye counterpart from bare lens of a dashcam. See for yourself.

Recommended Day and Night Driving Sunglasses

The Blupond Knight Visor equipeed with HD anti glare polarized lenses especially for night driving.

Blupond Driving Glasses

Knight Visor Day and Night Driving Glasses can be purchased separately if you just want specifically the night driving glasses. So, notice the difference of a smooth driving experience below.

Day and Night Driving Experience

Other solution for poor vision

Therefore, if you have tried a lot of sunglasses. But, still none of them work. Consider to have your eyes check from a specialist to prevent any other causes like cataract or glaucoma. So, keep safe all the time.


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