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How to do a Polarized Test for Sunglasses

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It is important to do and know How to do a Polarized Test for lenses for your newly bought sunglasses. Especially if they are to serve as driving glasses. This will gauge the effectivity to reduce the glare. So, find out if your sunglasses are polarize by following these 3 easy steps. At the end of this tutorial, you would also know the difference beween polarized and non polarized sunglass lenses. Play the video from our test drive.

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Guide to Polarized Test

We will show you How to Test Polarization of your Sunglasses in 3 simple steps.

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How to do a Polarized Test for Lenses?

  1. Position your glasses horizontally in front of the Target Image below.
    Test Polarization
  • Start rotating the glasses for about 90 degrees
    Polarization Test Target
  • Notice the change in the lens tint and compare it to the image below.
    Polarized Test
  • Be sure to choose a premium quality night driving glasses to aid you especially at night.

Check the difference using Blupond Knight Visor on the right part. While, the left part is from plain vision with your naked eye counterpart from bare lens of a dashcam. See for yourself on our Polarized Test while Driving.

What is the Process for making Polarization?

Polaroid Sunglass lenses or popularly called Polarize Sunglasses are manufactured using a polarizing sandwich approach that employs a mild filter within the middle. Also, it is laminated on both aspects with UV mild absorbers. This filters out one-hundred percent of harmful UV, UVB and UVC radiation.

Consequently, the lens has laminated optically corrected. So, shatter-resistant cushion elements and a scratch-resistant coating is added. But, in case you are concerned about the authenticity of the sunglasses you are going to buy. And if you are a supplier or reseller, you may ask for warranty certificates of production in advance. Additionally, you could pick to call their customer service hotline to invite for assistance.

The Trend for Polarized Sunglasses

Polarized shades are all of the rage nowadays. And why not? There are numerous benefits and reasons to carry a sunglasses with polarized lenses. Also, along with reducing eye pressure and enhancing vision by way of blocking off extra glare. Heck, for some human beings, polarized shades can even assist reduce or dispose of headaches.

Blupond Polarized Sunglasses

All of which is extremely good in case you are making plans to buy new sunglasses. But, however what if you already own a couple and do not know or recall in the event if they’re polarized? Do you have to simply purchase a new pair? Now, not necessarily. There are numerous easy methods to determine whether or not your current sunglasses are already polarized. You’ll find tips that could save you extra than cash—they might also keep your eyesight and assist prevent macular degeneration. And for advanced clarity and protection, take a look at Blupond Knight Visor Lenses for the first-rate imaginative and prescient beneath the sunlight reflection.

Other method ways to Test Polarization

Observe on water

Polarized Test on Water. One of the primary benefits of carrying polarized lenses is cutting down on glare, inclusive of the glare you get off a automobile windshield. Polarized sunglasses are also outstanding at decreasing the glare of the solar reflecting off water.

Water Polarization Test

in case your sunglasses are polarized, in preference to best seeing the surface of a lake or river, you’ll suddenly be able to see via the glare and into the water underneath. Catching all the ones fish down there, however, is as much as you.

Examine two pairs

Polarized Test by examination. In case you remember someone who owns polarized sunglasses. So, figuring out if your very own lenses are polarized is as smooth as phoning a pal. All you want is their cooperation—and, of comparison with their glasses. Sometimes it is also essential how to determine if a polarize sunglasses is fake like the cheap sunglasses you buy on the streets.

How to compare if polarize sunglasses is fake

First, keep up your glasses and theirs concurrently and glance through each pairs at the same time. Then, rotate one pair of sunglasses approximately 60 tiers. If each pairs of glasses are polarized, the overlapping region will darken as they filter out excess light, in case your pair is not polarized But, however, you might not notice any distinction.

Check for the label sticker

Polarized Test by the mark. Latest releases of polarized sunglasses come with a sticker on one of the lenses pointing out that the glasses are polarized But, however a few organizations take matter a bit similarly and in reality mark their polarized sunglasses in a more everlasting fashion. So, with some even etch the word “polarized” into the bottom edge of the left lens. As a result, even though you obtain your glasses months or years in the past, it is viable a brief inspection may also flip up clues you never even observed earlier than before.

UV Protection Label Sticker
UV Protection Label Sticker

in case you find that your sunglasses aren’t polarize. So, a recommendation from your eye doctor can remedy this trouble. Your nearby ophthalmologist is able to switch out the lenses in any frames for polarized lenses. But, ths solution is typically in every week or much less. if you put on glasses full-time, you may even have your eye doctor add your prescription in your polarized sunglasses.

Recommended Day and Night Driving Sunglasses

The Blupond Knight Visor equipped with HD anti glare polarized lenses especially for day and night driving. One of the new trends and getting massive good reviews online from over 200,000 sales just from Knight Visor itself. So, with that sales the other wonderful other products and frames from Blupond are not yet included.

Knight Visor Day and Night Driving Glasses can be purchased separately if you just want specifically the night driving glasses. So, notice the difference of a smooth driving experience below.

Other solution for poor vision

Therefore, if you have tried a lot of sunglasses. But, still none of them work. Consider to have your eyes check from a specialist to prevent any other causes like cataract or glaucoma. So, keep safe all the time.

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How to check Polarized Sunglasses

Great tutorial. Very complete and informative. Your recommendation is also interesting. I’m gonna try it out and buy one Blupond Sunglass. I checked their website and seems it comes with goodies too. Which is amazing for it’s price. Thank you.

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Polarization testing tool

How nice. Also, I like the video how it showed the difference when wearing polarized sunglasses while driving.

2 months ago

Nice Tool you have to test polarization of sunglasses.

7 months ago

Review How to do a Polarized Test for Sunglasses.

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