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Top Women Sports Sunglasses

Top 8 Women’s Sports Sunglasses
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Top 8 Women's Sports Sunglasses
Top 8 Women’s Sports Sunglasses

What are the Top 8 Women Sports Sunglasses?

Take a look at our Top Women Sports Sunglasses. Your eyes are one of the most important organs in your body. But, you tend to exclude your eyes when you keep your body in shape, . There are ways, of course, to take care of them but those do not include working them out.

When working out, or doing any physical activity, your eyes need protection than anything else. Be it riding a bike or going up mountains; your eyes need protection. That in mind here some fashionable sports sunglasses to keep your eyes safe, and improve your performance.

Polarized Sports Sunglasses With TR90 Flexible Frame SCOUT by BLUPOND UNBOXING REVIEWS
  • Blupond Scout

Enhance your street vision with advanced Anti-Glare technology for HD Clarity and Safety. Protect your eyes from environmental hazards, such as blinding lights and the sun’s harmful UV rays. It’s TAC Polarized Lenses are designed to cut and diffuse harmful light, for a more vivid outdoor experience. Designed with revo technology to repel anything from dirt and water. Also repels dust and fingerprints, your lenses will remain virtually spotless

  • Oakley Latch

Starting the list is the Oakley Latch. It is a stylish but also subtle pair of sunglasses for the lady who likes to hike. With the Oakley Prizm lens, this pair makes the view from the peaks look better by keeping colors in their natural state while at the same time blocking the glaring sun.

When hiking it is good to stay focused as nature is full of surprises. These sunglasses will be one more thing off your mind as they have a particular fit. It allows the sunglasses to have less pressure on the nose and ears for more long-lasting comfort.

  • Shape AFH 10 from Foster Grant

This is a good looking pair of sunglasses, but it is also just good. Great for runners. The flexible material is TR90 so it can bend without breaking. A bonus of the material is that it will hug your face making it perfect for those long runs.

For marathon runners, it will protect your eyes from the glaring sun with 100% UVA and UVB protection. Plus, it has adjustable nose pads to fit perfectly and scratch resistant lenses. Lastly, the mirrored pink aviator look of the pair ensure you look stylish and cute as you make your run.

  • Sungods Renegades

Suitable for any general outdoor sport, these glasses are the pair for those who are new to sports eyewear. They are made out of lightweight material to ensure comfort. They also do a fine job of keeping your eyes protected with the polarised lenses that are also scratch resistant. These are also customizable allowing buyers to pick the reflect frames and colored glass to match their liking.

  • Julbo Explorer 2.0

If you are more into mountaineering or even skiing, then you should try the Julbo Explorer 2.0. It has side panels that are great for glaciers and heavy snow situations. When removed you are left with a stylish pair of eyewear perfect for the outdoors. Lastly, your eyes stay protected with the wide and polarized photochromic lenses.  

  • SPY Allure  

The SPY Allure sunglasses are perfect for the more extreme or higher intensity sports like trail running. Even if fall over or trip and see your glasses fly off of your face you do not have to worry about them breaking. These glasses are made from a material called Grilamid which is a nearly indestructible thermoplastic.

That doesn’t mean that they are easy to come off though. SPY designed these with rubber pieces at the nose and temple so that they are on you no matter how intense the activities are — the Happy Lens technology that SPY added to these make them good at protecting your eyes.

  • Native Eyewear Ashdown  

This pair of sunglasses is precisely for the outdoors, even being named after the Ashdown Gorge Wilderness in Utah. The Ashdown is a pair of sunglasses that was made for mountain biking. Even on rocky paths, you don’t have to worry about them falling because they are made with grip pads to keep them on you. Also if they fall the castor based resin frames make sure that you have a durable pair of glasses.  

When going through a mountain the ideal time is during the day. But, the sun might be an issue especially if there are no clouds to cut some of the glare. It is a good thing that these glasses are with N3 lens technology blocking more than three times the infrared of most polarized glasses.

  • POC Require

If the Ashdown is for mountain biking, then there are also eyewear for city rides. As a standard POC comes with clear Zeiss lenses but the ‘Require’ comes with modified gray lenses. What they do is enhance the contrast in what is usually a densely gray colored city. This keeps the cyclist from nasty accidents due to potholes and generally keep them safe.

The sleek design of the frames makes it suitable for any stylish lady too. But, the Require is more than just looks. These frames are made of the super durable Grilamid so even if you drop them, they will still be in one piece.

  • Nike Bandit

Nike is a brand that made its name in their great shoes but over time has evolved into an overall sports brands. They make everything any kind of athlete needs. The Nike Bandit; this is made for triathlons. Stylish and the look is a modern retelling of the classic wayfarers. But, that is just how it looks  

For functionality, it is designed to wick away sweat, increase airflow, and grip skin. In other words, it won’t just be on you it will also help you. Concerning eye care, it has 100 UVA and UVB protection. Plus it has a ventilation design to keep you fresh as you go hard for the win.

There are many sunglasses out there, some cheap some expensive. But, the critical thing to note is will it do what you want it to do. In this list, we covered a lot of brands. Any pair of sports sunglasses is a good start. But, the generic might not be what you need in the long run.

Still, if you are looking to start there a couple of critical things to look for, one is grip as you don’t want your glasses to fall off your face. Second is eye protection, and then durability. You are going to play sports, and you don’t want anything fragile on you. That’s a wrap for the top women sports sunglasses. You may also want to check Top Sunglasses for Men.


I go for the latch among the top sports sunglasses for women.

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